The Lifelong Journey

My wife and I were inspired by Dan Buettner’s 2008 book “The Blue Zones – Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest”. In the book, Dan wrote about five areas in the world which he and his National Geographic team identified as having a high concentration of people who lived to be 100 or more.


Starting in 2018, after our youngest child graduated from high school, we have set out on a Journey to visit these five locations and to live in and experience each of them for approximately two months at a time. We will also, in time, look to find other “Blue Zones”, or sorts, and share here the experiences of our own Lifelong Journey, one which we hope will last for many more years.


Family Ties in the Heart of Costa Rica’s Blue Zone

We wrapped up our time in Costa Rica by spending a few days with a family in Hojancha, the heart of this Blue Zone of the Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. Here, we met three generations of Blue Zone residents and, by staying on their family

Living the Blue Zone Life – the Real Deal

As a general rule, longevity in most, if not all, of the Blue Zones, is not what it used to be. Fast food (and processed foods) combined with the lack of physical work/exercise are, in my view, the two main reasons. And it’s

Finding Truth in the Mountains

In general, at least while on our Blue Zone-inspired travels, we aim to live as “locally” as possible in order to gain a glimpse of local life and, more importantly, to connect authentically with locals. It’s one thing to visit a place and

Bye Bye to Okinawa

This past week saw us wrap up our six-week stay in Okinawa, the first ‘Blue Zone’ we’ve now lived in on the Lifelong Journey. We spent almost two months there and visited four of the Okinawa’s many islands. A key learning

Unexpected Acts of Kindness – Community in Okinawa

After having experienced living with an elderly couple in the Longevity Village of Ogimi, and then exploring Motobu, also in the northern part of Okinawa and also famous for longevity, we took a short ferry ride to the island of Ie Jima. Ie

Does Age Even Matter?

At the beginning of this week we earned freedom from our two weeks of “indentured volunteerism” at the Kiyuna Dairy Farm. There, we had learned a lot about not only Okinawan culture from spending so much time with a local family, but we also learned

Core Values at the Farm

Our two-week stay on the Kiyuna Dairy Farm is now coming to an end and this experience has been much more impactful than I could have imagined. For two weeks, we not only got to experience the pleasure and fulfillment which comes from completing a

Finding Purpose in Life on the Farm

After six days of physical labor on the Kiyuna Dairy Farm in Okinawa, Galina and I have earned a day off. Then it will be back to work for another six days as we complete our two week commitment of working on an organic dairy

We’re Finally Doing It!

This is something we’ve talked about for over a year now. But talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words. We are now actually doing it!